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8:45 9:15 Registration
9:15 9:35 Welcome speech - RJP committee, Johann Collot, Alain Fontaine
9:35 10:55 First oral presentation session
 Francesco Devoto - Overview of standard model of particle physics
 Laura Bernard - Search for a sterile neutrino with the STEREO experiment
 Jean-Feançois Louf - A micro-swimmer using acoustics streaming to navigate
 Oonagh Mannix - Studying Colloidal Self-Assembly with TR-SAXS
10:55 11:25 Coffee break
11:25 12:25 Second oral presentation session
 Aleksandr Svetogorov - Phase-slips in inhomogeneous superconducting wires
 Michael Hakl - Infrared magneto-spectroscopy of Kane electrons in Cd3As2
 Lucile Richard - Laser spectroscopy for breath analysis
12:25 13:25 Keynote talk: Wolfgang Wernsdorfer - The world of nanomagnets: from the control of quantum states to quantum technologies
13:25 15:00 Lunch and poster session
15:00 16:20 Third oral presentation session
 Alexis Coullomb - Active substrated to decode mechanotransduction in single cells
 Valentin Delmonte - Coherent non-linear spectroscopy low dimensional system
 Irina Piazza - Water dynamics in living by neutron scattering technique
 Nadia Ben Dahmane - Buckling of ductile thin films on rigid substrate
16:20 16:40 Invited speaker: Pierre Jouve "A physicist’s story"
16:40 17:10 Coffee break and poster session
17:10 18:10 Fourth oral presentation session
 Olivier Maillet - Probing gaseous and liquid matter in confined geometries with nanomechanical resonators
 M. Schalk - An experimental toolbox for electron quantum optics
 A. Garcia-Corral - Superconducting single electron transistor
18:10 18:20 Maltobar talk - "Release the pressure"
18:20 Open end Apero, poster session and prize ceremony





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